Meat Market

Have you been looking for local grass-fed beef? Are you tired of eating beef from the big box store where the county of origin is not the USA? Most consumers today want to know what they are ingesting in their bodies. With Glory Farms beef you know exactly what you are getting. The cattle in our grass-fed program range freely on 80 acres of lush native pasture. We do not apply pesticides to our fields only rain and sunshine! Our beef is grass-fed from the time they are weaned until 24 months of age when they are processed. We do not add any hormones or manmade products to our beef. Glory Farms is proud to offer all natural, stress free, heart healthy Hereford beef!

  • Whole & Half Beef
  • Variety Packages
  • Individual Cuts


Glory Farms Meat Market – Current Price Sheet

* Prices subject to change without notice