Meat Market

Have you been looking for local grass-fed beef? Are you tired of buying beef from grocery stores where the country of origin is not the USA? With Glory Farms beef, you don’t have to worry about what you are consuming; you simply enjoy it.

You know exactly what you are getting: local, high-quality, sustainably raised grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

The cattle in our grass-fed program range freely on 80 acres of lush native pasture. We do not apply herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers to our field. We rely solely on rain and sunshine!

Our beef consumes grass from the time they are weaned until the 24 months of age when they are processed. We do not add any hormones or manmade products to our beef.

Glory Farms is proud to offer all natural, stress-free, heart-healthy Hereford beef!

“Purchased a half beef package this weekend and tried some bone in rib eyes!! Delicious taste and cooked up to a perfect medium rare. Kyle and family are so pleasant to deal with and obviously know what they are doing with these animals. Can’t wait to try the rest of the cuts/meats, sure they will be just as tasty and delicious. Thank y’all, we are hooked on grass fed beef!!”Ronny Poston
“Store bought imported grass-fed beef cannot live up to the quality and flavor of the beef from Glory Farms. They are amazing! Support your local farms!”
Stefani Lindstrom

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